What makes QuickPerps unique?

QuickPerps comes with several features that differentiate it from other decentralized Perpetual Exchanges on the market:

  • No Price Impact Users can open and close positions without impacting price. Users can finally kiss slippage goodbye, and get the best price on their perpetual trades.

  • Compound Function When users earn rewards, they are auto-compounded (reinvested) back into the main liquidity pool, effectively increasing users’ position sizes without requiring extra transactions or running up the gas meter. At present, QuickPerps is the only Perpetual Exchange offering this feature.

  • Cross-Usable Assets Users can open leverage positions for one token using another as collateral. For instance, a user may deposit $WBTC as collateral to take a long position on $MATIC. When closing a position, users can also receive funds denominated in any supported asset on limit, stop loss, and take-profit orders.

  • TradingView Pro: When trading on QuickPerps, users get access to advanced charts, analytics, and more directly through QuickSwap’s simple, intuitive interface.

  • Pyth Price API & API3 Oracles QuickSwap’s Perpetual Exchange employs advanced, real-time price and data feeds to provide an ultra-smooth trading experience.

  • Live Decentralized Charting Get access to live charting with only 1- to 2-second latency.

  • Unilevel Referral System A Subgraph will be implemented for a Unilevel referral system.

  • Fee-Sharing Model Swap aggregators will benefit from a fee-sharing model where QuickSwap tracks and reimburses a portion of collected fees sourced from the 1inch DEX aggregator.

What assets are supported for leverage trading on QuickPerps?

Currently, $MATIC, $ETH, $BTC, $USDC, $USDT, and $DAI are available to open long and short positions - the QuickSwap team is exploring the addition of other assets in the future.

I don't understand how perpetual swap contracts or leverage trading work. Where can I go to learn more?

No worries, we know this topic can be tricky sometimes! QuickSwap has developed a comprehensive, simple Twitter thread explaining how this all works: https://twitter.com/QuickswapDEX/status/1666791319342301184

If I provide liquidity to the $QLP pool, what are the benefits?

LPs (liquidity providers) to the $QLP pool on QuickPerps receive a high APR % and rewards, including weekly $QUICK & $USDC airdrops, plus claimable $ETH rewards. These rewards are distributed every Friday to $QLP holders.

$QLP LPs are essential to helping power the QuickPerps exchange for leverage trading and swaps.

Can I refer a friend to QuickPerps?

Of course! The more frens you bring, the merrier!!

Just visit https://perps.quickswap.exchange/#/referrals and generate your referral code, then share the code with your friends on social media. Referrers get up to 15% fee-commission and referred traders can get up to 10% cashback.

Why Polygon zkEVM?

In March 2023, Polygon rolled out their new zkEVM technology and infrastructure, completely changing the game by introducing higher security, faster transaction finality, lower fees, and more through zk-rollups.

QuickPerps has initially launched on Polygon zkEVM to help spark adoption for the technology and maximize its benefits to QuickSwap's community and beyond.

You can learn more about Polygon zkEVM here: https://polygon.technology/polygon-zkevm

Where can I find more information about QuickPerps?

You can learn more on the official QuickSwap blog: https://blog.quickswap.exchange/posts/introducing-quickperps

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