⚖️ Introducing QuickPerps

About QuickSwap's cutting-edge decentralized Perpetual Exchange on Polygon zkEVM


The future of decentralized perpetual trading has finally arrived.

QuickPerps is QuickSwap's decentralized Perpetual Exchange built on Polygon zkEVM, leveraging Polygon's newest and promising infrastructure to provide unparalleled security, powerful scalability, and much more.

This decentralized Perpetual Exchange is designed to provide a vast range of trading features and deep liquidity for supported crypto assets, allowing users to:

  • Trade perpetual swap contacts with up to 50x leverage

  • Trade spot with market swaps & limit orders

QuickPerps is on its mission to become a leader on Polygon zkEVM, maintaining the ethos of decentralization and self custody for crypto users.

With pure innovation at its forefront, QuickPerps is offering the following features to its users:

  • Compound Function

  • Cross-Usable Assets

  • TradingView Pro Charting

  • VWAP Price Feeds

  • Live Decentralized Charting

  • Unilevel Referral System

  • Fee-Sharing Model

Additionally, QuickPerps offers other competitive advantages over existing perpetual exchanges, such as:

  • No Slippage / Zero-impact trades

  • Improved User Controls (Stop loss, take profit, limit orders)

  • No Hidden Spread

  • Reduced Liquidation Risks (no 'scam wicks')

  • Pyth & API3 Oracles

  • Safer Liquidations for Better Price Execution

  • More Efficient Keeper Bots to Enable Faster Price Updates

  • Diverse Range of Products being Built around Perpetuals (i.e. Delta-neutral strategies)

With QuickPerps, QuickSwap aims to deliver a professional trading experience for users who seek a completely decentralized approach to trading, with an exciting and intuitive UI/UX.

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