👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Team

The Quickswap, Gravity Finance, and Metavault teams have all worked in collaboration to develop, build, and maintain the QuickPerps product.

  • Roc Zacharias: Co-Founder of QuickSwap

  • Sameep Singhania: Co-Founder of QuickSwap

  • Alexi Atlas: Product and Business Development Lead

  • Tristan: Marketing Lead

  • Darren: Community manager

  • Luke: Business Development

  • Murai: Developer

  • GravityFi_D: Co-founder of Gravity Finance

  • GravityFi_T: Co-founder of Gravity Finance

  • Steve 0xMetavault: Co-founder of Metavault DAO

  • 0xMyt: Core-Dev of Metavault DAO

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